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People with disabilities can use who they like for information and advice on disability issues. They do not have to use the Local Authorities preferred providers list, the Health Minister is on record as saying that Preferred Provider Lists should be done away with.

You do not have to use Salvere for your Care Plans, you can provide your own Care Plan to submit to your social worker, or your social services department. Help to write your care plan can come from family members, friends or any voluntary organisation.

People with disabilities have a right to choose who they wish to deliver their care and when that care is delivered.

Some people are not being informed about the choice they are entitled to when receiving Direct Payments for their support. Some councils are forcing Payment Cards on people without informing them they have a choice of their funds being paid into a Bank Account or a Pay Card. The recent Care Act refers to this in the following paragraphs;

12.58. Many local authorities have been developing the use of pre-paid cards as a

mechanism to allow direct payments without the need for a separate bank account, or to

ease the financial management of the payment. Whilst the use of such cards can be a useful

step from managed services to direct payments, they should not be provided as the only

option to take a direct payment. The offer of a ‘traditional’ direct payment paid into a bank

account should always be available if this is what the person requests and this is appropriate to meet needs. Consideration should be given to the benefit gained from this arrangement as opposed to receiving the payment via a pre-paid card.

12.59. It is also important that where a pre-paid card system is used, the person is still free

to exercise choice and control. For example, there should not be blanket restrictions on cash withdrawals from pre-paid cards which could limit choice and control. The card must not be linked solely to an online market-place that only contains selected providers in which to choose from. Local authorities should therefore give consideration to how they develop card systems that encourage flexibility and innovation, and consider consulting care and support user groups on any proposed changes to direct payment processes.


National Personal Fund Management Service

The personal fund management service is provided by families with personal experience and provides an effective service on behalf of individuals who may lack capacity to manage their funds or who do not want the responsiblity and administration that goes with Self Directed Support funding (Direct Payments or Personal Budgets) and ILF funding.

We currently manage personal funding on behalf of 2 Local Authorities the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and the DWP.

Our fund management service, which was established in 2004, allows people who need support to enjoy the choice and control over personalised care packages without the work that goes with it:

  1. Funds paid into our client account by the responsible Local Authority, ILF or DWP
  2. Each individual has their own ledger that is available at any time;
  3. All spending made on behalf of the individual with accountability back to the person;
  4. Financial Audits overseen by Local Authorities;
  5. All correspondence dealt with in relation to funders;
  6. Personal Assistants salaries paid by internet banking if our payroll service is used;
  7. Distance no object as the system is electronic;

Payroll Service

  1. An electronic timesheet or hours phoned through or faxed;
  2. All deductions of tax, NI, sick pay, student loans;
  3. Payslips sent electronically or by post;
  4. End of year reports and P60 issued and online filing of P14 & P35 to HMRC;
  5. Payroll Advice;
  6. PA’s salaries paid by Internet Banking (if we provide the fund management service);
  7. Distance no object as systems are electronic.

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